About SCHC

The presidential decree of 3/2012 A.D, Organized the relation between the Shari’a Judiciary, Supreme Judge and Judicial Council as follows:

                                                                                     Code (1) Supreme Judge

1. The Supreme judge is appointed with a Degree of a Minister by Presidential Regulations issued by the president. 2. The Supreme judge is allowed to practice all the tasks, Duties and power given to him according to the law.

                                                                                    Code (2)  Board Members of the Shar’i Supreme Court

The Shari’a Supreme Court is formatted as follows:

  1.        Chief of the Supreme court is Council President 
  2.    Vice of the supreme Judge is Vice president for the Council
  3.       The oldest judge for Shar’i Supreme Court in northern provinces
  4. .      The oldest judge for Shar’i Supreme Court in Southern provinces
  5.       The oldest Chairman of the Appeal court in Northern provinces
  6.       The oldest chairman of the appeal court in Southern provinces
  7.       Chief of the Judicial Inspection.

                                                                                                  Code (3)  Council Authority

Shar’i Supreme Court that is formatted according to this Presidential decree replaces Shar’i Supreme Court provided in paragraph (1) article (14) of Shar’i Court formation number (19) for year 1972 A.D, and Practice all the authorities given to this council.

  Code (4)  Council Meetings

Meetings will be arranged in Shari 'a Appeal court by invitation from Supreme judge or Council president, any discussion is considered confidential, it will be considered valid meeting when three members attend without the council president ,Decisions are passed by an absolute majority and in case of equal votes it will be the Council president decision.

Code (5)  Cancelation       

Presidential decree number (1) for year 2011A.D is cancelled, and any provisions in conflict with this Presidential decree are considered invalid.

                             Code (6) Presentation to Legislative Council

This Presidential decree is presented to Legislative council in the first session convened for approval.

                  Code (7) Validity and Implementation

All Competent authorities must execute everything with concern to this Decree, and shall be effective after 30 days from the day of publication in the official journal.

According to Jordanian Courts formation law number “16” for year 1972 A.D, Shari’a Supreme Court Responsibilities and duties as follows:

·         Appointment of Shari’a judges, their promotions and movements.

·         Transfer Judges outside judicial work

·         Accept the resignations of the judges.

·         Referral of judges to retire.

·         Discipline and trial judges

·         Removal of judges or consider them out of judicial work.

·         Mandate Judges if the mandate is more than three months.

And all the Council decisions will be raised to the Supreme judge for approval.

According to decree from the Shari’a Judicial Council number 12\2012 on 29\5\2012 position of General secretariat of the council has been created,

Some of General Secretariat responsibilities are preparing council meetings and notify council board, Implement and codify the council’s decisions and Record-keeping