SC Public Prosecution

Personal Status Shari’a prosecution holds the claim on behalf of the public right of Shari’a .where the prosecutor sets up the lawsuit and embrace the shari’a judge in defense of the right of God in divorce, marriage, paternity and pay issues prove cessation .. Etc.

Personal status prosecution has been created according to presidential regulations from late martyr President Yasser Arafat in 30\4\2004; it is organized under the organizational structure of the supreme judge department and shar’ia courts of the Palestinian council of ministers in 2005

Personal status prosecution exercises its work in the entire West bank except Gaza because of current Political and legal separation, Personal status prosecution team exercise their duties as follows:

·         Judge Somod Damiri Chief Personal status prosecution/ In charge of Palestine.

·         Mohanad Alawna personal status prosecutor in the North of the West Bank.

·         Fatima Ayyad personal status prosecutor in the Middle of the West Bank.

·         Nabila Hourob personal status prosecutor in Bethlehem.

·         Rajab Tamimi personal status Prosecutor in the South of the west bank.