About The Dewan

Shari 'a  Judiciary constitutes an important part of the legal system in Palestine, It is considered to be one of the Kefaya obligation ,As well It is considered as a way to propagate of virtue and prevent  of vice, deter oppressor, separation of  dispute between people  and judge people in the most equal way .

Shari 'a Judiciary in Palestine is considered as an expand of Islam message which is mercy and guidance for people. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is the first judge In Islam ,

 Peace upon him had the decisiveness to solve problems between people, conforming to Gods saying: ( Judge between them by what Allah has revealed and do not follow their inclinations away from what has come to you of the truth )”Al-Maidah 48”.

For these high level purposes, Supreme judge department has been created in Palestine as a governmental organization linked directly to the President in accordance with rules number 1/1994; these rules are still effective based on presidential regulation. Dr.Mahmoud Al-Habbash is the President Advisor for religious affairs and Islamic relations ranked as a minister is in charge of Shari 'a JudiciaryHis eminence is considered with a high position, Regard that he is the main religion reference inside Palestine and out.

Mentioning that Supreme judge department enjoys Judiciary, financial independence like any other Ministry and organization in Palestine.

List of departments followed by the supreme judge department:

1.   Judicial Inspection Department.

2.   General Department of Administrative and Financial.

    3.    Information technology division.

   4.    Public Relations and Media division.

   5.   Islamic Jurisprudence and legal research division.

   6.    Family counseling department.

   7.    Planning and development department.

   8.    Orphans funds department.

   9.    personal status prosecution department.

Supreme judge can change, cancel or merge any department according to work interest.

Supreme judge department is carried out by several laws listed above:

1.     Code of legitimacy trials number 31/1959 A.D

2.     Code of legitimacy trials number 12/1965 A.D

3.     Code of personal status number 61/1976 A.D

4.     Code of family law number 69/1954 A.D

5.     Code of Legal lawyers number 12/1952 A.D

6.     Code of  Courts formation number 19/1972

Supreme judge department is working on a project to prepare new rules to enhance all the judicial departments, Compatible to all social evolution and changes in Palestine along with not violating any Islamic Shari’a law.