Sharia Court of first Instant

Shar’ia Main instance court

Shar’ia main instance court (First instance) is considered the first instance of litigation, It deals with many great Issues, Shar’ia First instance court deals with humans before and after their birth even after their death, whether inheritance, marriage procedures or medical examination and other issues. Shar’ia first instance court also deals with cases concerning caring for orphans, claims of divorce, custody, suspensions and blood money.

Shari’a First instance Court have the authority to settle dispute and right of judiciary, according to Shari’a courts formation act and origin of trials law this court deals with the following matters:


  1.       Personal status of Muslims issue.
  2.      Islamic Waqf Issues.
  3.       Blood Money issues, if both sides are Muslims or non-Muslims and both sides accepted to be litigated in shari’a courts.
  4.       Marriage contracts. 
  5.     Orphans funds management.
  6.       Divorce cases.
  7.       Inheritance issues.
  8.       Inheritance issues and registration of wills and Solve disputes arising from inheritance.
  9.       Alimony issues including (father alimony, Son alimony, Widowed and divorced alimony...etc).
  10.     Documenting power of attorney.
  11.    Lawsuits concerning Commandments in death and donations.