Judicial Inspection

Judicial inspection Department


Courts inspector is responsible for all the Shari’a courts, who is appointed by The supreme judge to assist and help in Managing and supervision, Courts are managed according to article (18) of Shari’a courts formation law, which states the above:

  1.  Supreme Judge has the right to supervise and manage all the judges and Shari’a Courts.
  2. Shari’a supervisor helps supreme judge in monitoring and controlling shari’a courts.
  3. Shari’a courts inspector assist Supreme judge inspecting in Shari’a courts and it is allowed for supreme judge to choose any judge for the inspection.

Inspector duty to look over all Shari’a courts work as follows above:

  •  Working hours.
  •   Control and comply court fees law. 
  • Work of Shari’a courts.
  • Report to supreme judge for guidance, counseling, correct any mistakes ,giving orders and instructions to comply with law and regulations.
  • According to inspector report supreme judge will notice judges’ ability and competences.
According to presidential regulations on 3/1/2012 A.D, chief of Judicial Inspection Authority must be a member of the Supreme Council for the shari’a courts.